The Association for Prevention & Control of Rabies in India (APCRI) was founded on 17th April, 1998 & is registered as a scientific society under the Karnataka Societies Act S-No 439, 2000-01. It is an association of professionals, scientists & others who are committed to the elimination of rabies from India.

Goal: Rabies Free India by 2030. Activities till date

1. Annual Conferences on 6th July (World Zoonosis Day) or near about (On Saturday and Sunday only):

  • Kolkata (1999), Bangalore (2000), Amritsar (2001), Jaipur (2002), Bhubaneswar (2003), Kolkata (2004), Shimla (2005), Jammu (2006), Hyderabad (2007), Lucknow (2008), Thiruvanantapuram (2009), New Delhi (2010), Chennai (2011) , Kolkata (2012), Pune (2013), Mysore (2014), Hyderabad (2015), Bangalore (2016) and Goa (2017).

2. Workshops, Seminars & Training Programmes:

  • National workshop for APCRI trainers in modern WHO approved rabies prophylaxis at NIMHANS, Bangalore (2001).
  • National seminar on “Intradermal Rabies Vaccination”, KIMS, Bangalore (2003).
  • National workshop on “Developing guidelines for Rabies Prophylaxis” at Hyderabad (2006).
  • National workshop on “Rabies Prophylaxis “at Alleppey, Kerala (2006).
  • National workshop on “Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG) Administration” at KIMS, Bangalore (2008).
  • National Seminar on Rabies Vaccines: Important Issues, at Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh (1st March, 2009).
  • National Workshop on Development of IEC Material on Prevention of Rabies for School Children and Public at Mysore, Karnataka ( 20th & 21st March, 2010).
  • National Seminar on “Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis-Recommendations and Practices” at New Delhi (17th March, 2013).
  • National Seminar on Rabies Prohylaxis (2014), at Delhi (26th April, 2014).

3. Publications: APCRI Journal (Biannual), & APCRI News Letter (Biannual).

4. WHO sponsored “National Multi-centric Indian rabies survey” (2004).

5. Award: APCRI was honoured with “Chiron vaccines award 2000” for its contribution to prevention & control of Rabies in India.

6. APCRI in association with Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) and Rabies in Asia (RIA) Foundation, formulated the IAP Guidelines for Rabies Prophylaxis in Children (2008)

7. Slides on “Rabies Prophylaxis – Current Concepts & Recommendations” prepared by an expert consultation (2001), Revised in 2006 & now available on

8. Observed “World Rabies Day” in 8th September, 2007, 28th September 2008, 28th September 2009, 28th September 2010, 28th September 2011, 28th September, 2012, 28th September 2013 and 28th September, 2014, and 28th September, 2015 all over the country.

9. WHO-APCRI survey on ‘Post Exposure Prophylaxis modalities in India (2007).

10. APCRI is regularly organizing Zonal/ Regional conferences & CME programmes.

11. APCRI played a major role in implementation of Intradermal Rabies Vaccination (IDRV) in the country.

12. Manual on Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG) Administration published in February, 2009.

13. APCRI Educational Portal in 2010. The site can be visited at

14. APCRI-TATA Project on Rabies Control in Jamshedpur (2013-2015).

15. WHO-APCRI Indian Rabies Survey 2017

16. Report on National Expert Consultation on RIG and RMAb Administration in Humans