Association for the Prevention and Control of Rabies in India (APCRI) is the pioneer organisation established to serve as a glimmer of hope for the control of the Rabies situation in India. APCRI was founded on Friday the 17th of April, 1998 by a group of 17 committed and dedicated rabies professionals at a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then APCRI has evolved? in to a national establishment that is leading the war against Rabies in the country.

About Apcri

Since 1998, APCRI is working as a premier organization for eradicating Rabies from India.

APCRI was founded in the year 1998 with a vision to make: India Rabies Free by 2020. Since then, it has evolved into a national organization that is one of the most vibrant scientific societies in the field with strength of 850 life members.

APCRI serves as a platform that brings together the best minds in the country comprising of medical professionals, public health personnel, veterinary doctors and others for Advocacy, Research & Information dissemination about prevention & control of Rabies.

APCRI led by an excellent team of experts and dedicated people is actively involved in organizing conferences, continuing medical education (CME), symposia, lectures, trainings, scientific publications, book releases, etc. and has a pan India representation.